Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The vision for WildVoice® Studio and

We set out to create WildVoice® Studio and with the simple goals of creating easy to use tools and seamless hosting to allow anyone to create and publish podcasts.

We formed Equicast Media in the summer of 2005 and by the spring of 2006 we were online with a beta version of the podcasting site and a beta version of WildVoice Studio.

Most popular audio tools for home computers are fairly complex. They are often modeled as multitrack editing applications that excel and letting users carefully layer and edit recordings. These require a great deal of skill and time, but can produce professional sounding results.

We took a different approach for WildVoice Studio. Our goal for WildVoice Studio was to create a Windows application to lets users easily create podcasts. WildVoice Studio captures the spontaneity of a live radio talk show. It presents a sound effects panel, a panel for playing prerecorded audio (like music or interviews), and the ability to record live audio while inserting sound effects or overlaying prerecorded tracks. It also lets you record clips that can then be merged into a single recording. Most importantly, WildVoice Studio includes one-click publishing to free hosting at During the publishing process from WildVoice Studio, an MP3 file is created, tagged, and posted to a user’s site on provides free podcast hosting and easy to use publishing features. Users simply post their audio files, create show notes or a blog-like posting, include a picture and the site does the rest. RSS feeds are automatically generated by the site and there are no special technical skills required to create and publish a podcast. The site also includes a simple web based audio recorder for users who do not have access to WildVoice Studio. Other features let users include a Adobe Flash based audio player to play their podcast in other sites like MySpace or blogs.

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